After a long correction on the chart, prices typically stay within a range for an extended period.

You may often encounter such situations where an asset may remain undervalued for an extended period after a significant decrease.

The chart shows a downward trend with a series of lower lows and lower highs in price formation during the decline.

The chart exhibits a characteristic change when prices transition from corrective waves to motive waves.

After maintaining the range bound for a long time, the price finally crossed the prior lower high.

The market is signalling an initial reversal, with oscillator divergence also evident at this time.

The price increase may be Impulsive or Leading Diagonal, allowing for easy prediction of subsequent price movements.

Following the initial upward movement, a slight correction is observed, with the price potentially retracing by  50–61%.

After that, the price increased to at least 161% of the initial up move. These changes in price actually indicate an Impulse.

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