How to Start a Print on Demand Business? Step-by-Step Guide

How to Start a Print on Demand Business

Print on demand business

Are you trying to start a business where you can express your creativity?

Print-on-demand is the ideal solution! It’s a kind of dropshipping with a more creative twist. Print-on-demand allows you to develop and sell customized items without keeping any inventory.

Customers want things that let them stand out, such as unusual t-shirts and customized mugs.

This company strategy is simple to implement, low-risk, and allows you to realize your creative vision.


In short

What is a print on demand business?

A print-on-demand business allows you to sell custom-designed products through your eCommerce site without keeping any inventory.

You may make your own designs or get them from others and have them printed on a variety of products, including t-shirts, face masks, mugs, phone covers, pet products, stationery, puzzles, homewares, and tech accessories.

Just as with dropshipping, the supplier handles printing and shipping directly to your clients.

Setting up is simple: open an eCommerce store and connect it to a print-on-demand provider. When a consumer places an order, the supplier prints, packages, and sends the goods on your behalf, making it a low-risk and innovative method to launch a new online business.


Print on demand suppliers

Choosing the appropriate print-on-demand supplier is crucial for your business’s success. There are several amazing providers that work smoothly with eCommerce systems, such as Shopify. Here are some leading providers to consider:

  • Printful: The company is renowned for its high-quality products and prompt delivery.
  • Printify: Provides a wide choice of items at cheap prices.
  • Zazzle: Ideal for creating unique and personalized items.
  • Redbubble: Ideal for artists and designers who want to exhibit their work.
  • TeeSpring: The user interface is user-friendly and suitable for garments.
  • CustomCat: Offers a wide range of items and bulk pricing.
  • Printaura: The company offers a wide range of products and reliable services.
  • Teelaunch: Recognized for innovative product offers.
  • Viralstyle: specializes in personalized clothing and accessories.
  • Society6: is ideal for artists looking to sell art prints and home décor.

Each of these vendors has unique qualities, so compare them to discover the best fit for your company’s needs. Integrating these suppliers into your business is a straightforward process that allows you to focus on creating unique designs and promoting your products effectively.


How to start selling with print-on-demand?

Starting a print-on-demand business is an interesting way to generate passive income.

How to start a print on demand business step-by-step?

1.      Find best-selling products

Have you got a creative idea or design in mind? Great! If not, don’t worry.

Find inspiration by browsing the product lines of print-on-demand vendors such as Printful, Printify, and Redbubble. Look for unusual and eye-catching goods that will help the store stand out.

To see what’s trending, use Google Trends and browse the best sellers on prominent websites such as Amazon and Etsy.

2.      Create a store and brand

If you don’t currently have a store, you can quickly build one up with Shopify. Create a memorable brand that is relevant to the products you sell. Make sure your business is both visually appealing and user-friendly. Hire freelancers from services like Fiverr or Upwork to assist with activities you are unfamiliar with, such as logo design or website setup.

3.      Collaborate with your print on demand supplier

Select a supplier from the list above and connect them to your Shopify store. Examine the pricing, shipping times, and product availability from your preferred source. Most vendors and eCommerce platforms give step-by-step instructions for integration. Once set up, your store will be ready to sell.

4.      Product design process

Create your items with distinctive and modern concepts. Create your own designs using free design tools like Canva, or outsource the work to freelancers on Fiverr or Upwork. Some print-on-demand companies also provide customizable design templates.

5.      Dropshipping-style marketing strategy

Promote your items with dropshipping-style marketing strategies. Use social media, Google Ads, and other advertising channels to get people into your business. Once you place an order, your print-on-demand provider will print, package, and send the products to your consumer. As your business expands, you will begin to receive passive income.


Is print-on-demand a profitable business?

Print-on-demand may be a highly profitable business strategy. Here’s why.

Creative freedom

One of the most fun elements of running a print-on-demand business is the creative freedom it provides. You get to create unique things that represent your style and ideas, which makes the business not only profitable but also enjoyable.

The options are unlimited, ranging from personalized t-shirts and mugs to phone covers and home décor.

Low investment

Starting a print-on-demand business does not require a large initial investment. This low barrier to entry makes it accessible to anybody wishing to establish a side hustle or a full-time company.

High earnings potential

Print-on-demand businesses have nearly limitless earning possibilities. Depending on the subject and your marketing efforts, you can make anywhere from $0 to $100,000 or more every month. Many successful entrepreneurs have converted their print-on-demand businesses into substantial revenue streams.

Flexible and convenient

Print-on-demand businesses can operate from any location with a laptop or smartphone and an internet connection. This versatility allows you to operate your shop from home, a café, or even while traveling.

Easy setup

Setting up a print-on-demand store is simple. Shopify, for example, allows you to get your store up and operating in a matter of hours. The easy setup process allows you to begin earning money right away.

Inventory Management

One of the most significant benefits is that you do not have to maintain or manage any inventory. Your print-on-demand partner handles everything from printing to shipment.

This not only minimizes your effort but also removes the risk and expense associated with inventory management.

Minimal time commitment

Managing a print-on-demand shop takes little time.

You may devote as little as 10–15 minutes each day to duties like order fulfillment and customer service. This makes it an excellent business strategy for people with demanding schedules or other obligations.


How to start a print on demand business with no money?

Starting a print-on-demand business without any initial investment is easy if you follow these simple steps:

1. Choose a free eCommerce platform

Sign up for a free trial on services like Shopify, or utilize fully free ones like Printify or Teespring.

2. Source designs

Create your own designs using free tools like Canva or no-cost design materials. Alternatively, collaborate with designers who work on commission.

3. Set up your store

Create an online store using the free options provided by your preferred platform. Customize it to match your brand.

4. Connect print-on-demand services

Connect your store to a print-on-demand provider, such as Printful or Printify, both of which provide free connectivity with eCommerce systems.

5. Market your products for free

Utilize social media sites, join relevant online forums, and use word-of-mouth to promote your items for free.

By following these steps, you can launch a print-on-demand business with no upfront costs, utilizing free tools and platforms to get your store up and running.


Final thoughts

Starting a print-on-demand business is an interesting and accessible way to get into eCommerce without a large initial investment. Using the procedures provided in this guide, you may transform your creative ideas into a lucrative business. Each step, from choosing unique materials and setting up your online store to collaborating with reputable print-on-demand providers and marketing your creations, is simple and doable. With hard work and a little imagination, you may create a profitable print-on-demand business that provides flexibility, minimal risk, and the potential for significant returns.



Starting a print-on-demand business in India is simple: first, open an online store using a platform like Shopify, Printify, or Teespring. Next, create distinctive items using tools such as Canva or by partnering with designers. To streamline printing and delivery, consider integrating your business with print-on-demand providers like Printful or Printify, or local vendors like Blinkstore or Qikink. Finally, use social media, online communities, and word-of-mouth marketing to attract clients and increase sales.

A beginner in print-on-demand can earn between a few hundred and several thousand dollars each month, depending on the quality and uniqueness of their designs, marketing efforts, and ability to attract and maintain consumers. With hard work and good techniques, revenue may increase dramatically over time.

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