Jaiprakash Associates Limited, an Indian company, has a significant presence in engineering, construction, infrastructure development, real estate, and power generation. Under Jaypee Group, it has contributed to major infrastructure projects like highways and power plants.

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Jaiprakash Associates Limited Share Price

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JPASSOCIAT 13.15 *Last Update 30 Oct’23


Which Stock is Best for Short Term Investment?

JPASSOCIAT, a stock with a potential up move and reverse pattern, has caught investors’ attention due to its Elliott Wave theory and a potential motive wave, requiring keen market trends and technical analysis. This stock price is nearing a significant move, with a motive wave indicating a bullish sentiment, indicating strong price movement in the direction of the trend. JPASSOCIAT’s chart reveals a reverse pattern, indicating a potential up move. This could indicate a shift in market sentiment, potentially transitioning from a bearish phase to a bullish one and adding further interest.


Technical View

The Elliott Wave theory suggests that JPASSOCIAT’s stock has completed its ABC correction, with Wave C forming an ending diagonal. This pattern, characterized by converging trendlines, indicates a gradual price slowdown. In the context of JPASSOCIAT, this indicates the corrective phase has ended and the stock is potentially poised for a potential trend reversal.



The ABC correction, particularly within an ending diagonal, signals a market sentiment shift and may lead to a reversal of stock price movement. This aligns with Elliott Wave analysis principles and could indicate a favorable short-to-medium-term outlook for JPASSOCIAT.

A detailed examination of the JPASSOCIAT share price chart over a shorter timeframe reveals the emergence of a motive wave. The focus should be shifted to the daily timeframe for a more comprehensive understanding.



The study reveals that Waves 1 through 5 have been distinctly formed according to the rules of impulse waves. Elliott Wave theory suggests that JPASSOCIAT shares may experience a structured and potentially robust price movement due to the meticulous formation of impulse waves on a daily basis. If the pattern solidifies into a singular entity, the next target wave, potentially forming Wave 3, is predicted to exhibit a 161.8% price extension, based on the Fibonacci ratio. The ratio in Elliott Wave theory is crucial for predicting the potential wave magnitude in a sequence. The anticipated 161.8% extension in Wave 3 could significantly increase the price of ASSOCIAT shares if this pattern is met.

However, market dynamics are influenced by various factors, and technical analyses should be combined with a holistic financial understanding. The potential Wave 3 of JPASSOCIAT shares could present an opportunity for investors.



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